MChem (Part II) students:

Anna Duncan

Working on biocompatible nanoparticle systems for use as MRI contrast agents.

Siming Liu

Working on surface-confined, non-Faradaic sensors for cations.

William Hadley


Tara Lurshay 

Working on the detection of cancer-related biomarkers in complex samples using electroanalytical and microfluidic methods. 

Connor Ellis

Working on nanoparticle based contrast agents for MRI, including stimuli-responsive systems.

Daohe Yuan

Working on functionalised silica nanoparticles for optical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Xuanxiao Chen

Working on the electrochemical modification of proteins in vitro and in cellulo.

Felix Fleschhut

Working on redox capacitive assaying of biomarkers for the early detection of Parkinson's.

Jack Howley

Working on a novel bottom-up approach for the synthesis of group III-V semiconductor nanoparticles.

Sophie Patrick

Working on anion responsive self-assembled monolayers. 

Shaoyu Kang

Working on redox active bioreceptive hydrogel films and particles in diagnostics.


Dr Mohamed Sharafeldin

Working on sensitive particle-based capture, separation and electrochemical detection of protein and micro vesicular biomarkers.

Dr Robert Hein 

Working on the establishment of interfacial supramolecular assays for ions and small molecules. 

Dr Razieh Salimian

Working on the development of ultrasensitive electroanalytical and microfluidic methods to analyse blood and exosome compostition of Parkinson's patients.

Dr Cheng Jiang

Working on investigation and detection of Parkinson's Disease biomarkers in exosomes using microfluidic-EIS chip. 


The Postdogs

Working on being the best dogs and improving their 5k times

Former Members in Academia:


At least 7 previous members of the group are now in academic positions around the world, including:

Dr Jan Tkac (Professor of Chemistry, Slocak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia), Dr Xiliang Luo (Professor of Chemistry, Qingdao University of Science and Technology), Dr Gemma Louise-Davies (Lecturer in Chemistry, UCL, London)

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