Robert Hein 

Working on the establishment of interfacial supramolecular assays for ions and small molecules. 


Dr Candan Catli

Engineers polymeric interfaces for a range of sensor applications.

Dr Shams Tania Afroza Islam 

Working on applying redox capacitance sensory methods for quantification of biomarkers in human serum as a means of developing quick and easy diagnostics for Dengue

Dr Cheng Jiang

Working on investigation and detection of Parkinson's Disease biomarkers in exosomes using microfluidic-EIS chip. 

Dr Prosper Kanyong

Working on new impedance and capacitance based molecular detection platforms. 

Dr Amol Patil 

Working on the development of an impedimetric diagnostic platform for clinically relevant biomarkers.

Dr  Andrew Piper

Developing on chip exosome assays for Parkinsons diagnostics.

Dr Juan Pellico

Development of novel contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging.


Former Members of the Group in Academia:

At least 7 ex members of the group are now in academic positions around the world, including Dr Jan Tkac (Professor of Chemistry, Slocak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia), Dr Xiliang Luo (Professor of Chemistry, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Dr Gemma Louise-Davies (Lecturer in Chemistry, UCL, London)

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