PostDoctoral Fellowships:


The group normally hosts 5-10 postdoctoral posts.

Vacancies, when available, are advertised on the departments wesbites and beyond.

Please contact Professor Davis if you would like to discuss potential projects or funding routes.


The links below provide details of other potential sources of funding:


The Royal Society

Newton International Fellowships

Sir Henry Wellcome PDRA Fellowships (Final Yr PHD or 1st Yr PDRA)

Sir Henry Dale Fellowships (PDRA)

The British Council

The Leverhulme Trust

The Royal Commission of 1851

Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation

Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowships

Human Frontier Science Program

Marie Curie Fellowships

Max Planck Society

NATO Science for Peace Program

Pasteur Foundation

Ford Fellowships

JCC Memorial Fund

Indian National Funding 

Ernest Rutherford Fellowships


Graduate Postitions:

Those wishing to apply for PhD studentships should contact Professor Davis. The departmental Graduate Studies web page is here



General External Scholarships:

Specific Overseas Funding examples:

British Council

National Institute of Health

Rhodes Trust

Fulbright Awards



Indian Nationals can apply for: Weidenfeld Scholarships or Felix Awards.

Chinese Nationals: China Scholarship Council Awards.



Summer Positions:Summer Students: The Nuffield Foundation offers summer bursaries for students usually in their penultimate undergraduate year to undertake up to 8 weeks paid research in an academic lab. Professor Davis is happy to discuss potential projects. 



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Oxford University:



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