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The Davis Group develops and applies methods for the design, analysis and manipulation of functional molecular interfaces (bioelectronic, biochemical, wires, mechanically interlocked), often at molecular scales, and are actively engaged in the use and development of state of the art molecular, theranostic and medical imaging technologies.


Current projects include the development of methods to trigger & follow dynamic motion in emissive surface assembled "molecular shuttles" , the design and synthesis of switchable high MRI contrast nanoparticles, fundamental develoopments in impedance technology and the development of highly effective protocols for assaying disease biomarkers, including those of generic clinical value and Parkinsons Disease. 


The group work closely with a number of clinical, synthetic and supramolecular groups from around the world and are based in the Chemistry Research Laboratory and Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory.

Research activities are sponsored by the EU, EPSRC, BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, The Royal Society, The British Council and Parkinsons UK.










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